You-Know-Who is who?
By: Thalita Carvalho (CC BY 2.0)

BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! News that are so hot and fresh they just came out of the oven!
According to Twitter, J.K Rowling has announced that we’ve all been pronouncing You-Know-Who’s name wrong! Apparently, the author intended for the final “T” to be silent. Not that it really matters, since we’re not supposed to say his name at all. (Unless it’s his birth name because there’s a probability you won’t get chased down for that.)
Rowling revealed the secret when responding to a fan who mentioned the piece of trivia on the go and the world went mad. Or did it?
For fans, it’s simply old theories that has only been now acknowledged by the author. Potterheads have been debating on the pronunciation of Voldemort for ages before Rowling confirmed the trivia; whether it’s a silent T or not, if we’re just to ignore it all together or make parodies of it in order to avoid the punishment for saying his name, as well as the hyphens.
However, it doesn’t take a genius to know the origin of a name as long as one have a decent Internet connection to find the latest Rowling has to share with the Harry Potter fandom and the world.
Despite the Dark Lord’s oh-so-brilliant-thought-up-name and the cool Latin phrase in the air, the name Voldemort is French. Said language has a tendency to not pronounce the last letter of the majority of its words, mostly because of the flow of speaking, but also because it sounds awful if one were to pronounce every single letter (but hey, maybe someone out there likes it)
Although, some say tomayto and others say tomahto, and they’re both accepted, so you shouldn’t feel bad if you’ve pronounced it Voldemort all this time.
Personally, I say Moldy-Warts and have yet to be cursed.

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