A girl who stand up for herself

This story starts with a girl name Sara and she is 16 years old. She lives in NYC and there she lives with her mom, dad and her twin’s sibling Adam and Jessica. She is a nice girl and very shy. She likes to read, write, play guitar and is good in school, but she has no friends and she gets bullied. But one day she hopes that she can stand up for herself like she did when they lived in Denver and there, she had many friends, but she was best friend with Oliva that she had known all her life. But one day her whole world changed. It starts the same as usually and Sara she wakes up, eat breakfast, get dressed and when she goes to hell or school, but she calls it hell.

But this day when she went to school something strange happened, it was a bright light and after that she was dressed in a diamond tiara with yellow, green, white, red and blue stones in it, her dress was white with sparkles in the colour yellow, green, silver, red and blue and her hair was perfect styled so that matched with the tiara. After she had looked at herself, she heard a voice. The voice said, Sara you are very special girl. Sara answered, no I’m not, I am just a normal girl and I can’t be special. The voice said again, Yes, you’re Sara you are a princess and you have magic if you believe enough. Sara said, No I can’t have magic and I can’t be a princess, but if I’m a princess and have magic that you claimed so why didn’t I know about it before, she asked. The voice answer, because you were not old enough but now you are, and you can finally stand up for yourself and shove the people that bullied you that you don’t let you be bullied anymore. Sara said, why should I, if I do I’m not better than they who bullied me. The voice said, I know that you don’t like it, but you can’t be yourself if you don’t do it and your parents and siblings are not your real family. What are you talking about Sara asked? The voice answered your family that you have now adopted you because your parents was forced to send you away because it was evil in the kingdom, so they send you away for your safety. How do you know about this, Sara asked? I know because I’m your real mother, the voice said. Alright if you said so, said Sara, but can we talk later I must get to school and must I have this dress and tiara on me, Sara said. Yes, you’re right My daughter you must get to school now and yes you must have the dress on you, her real mother said. Alright, but after school we must talk more, Sara said and get teleported away right outside the school gates.

She went inside the school building and she wonder why everyone looked at her, but right at that moment she remembers why she had the dress and tiara. After a while a popular group in school and started talked to her, but she dosen’t want to so she used a little bit of her magic and burn them a little bit, but after that she used another one of her powers to cold down the burn on them. The most popular girl started talking. What happened to you and why did you burn us, she said. Sara answered, I don’t have to talk to you or any of you about this and I warn you that you should not mess with me. But the popular girl said, we will see about that and she walked away with the popular group. She had music class first, so she went to that and started playing the guitar and started singing. But that she didn’t know was that it was some people that filmed her. After music class she had a break and went outside the school building to her secret place.

At the secret place. Why must the popular group keep on bulling me. I wish, I was back in Denver there I had friends and I really miss them, but the one I missed the most was my best friend Olivia because with Olivia we talked about everyone and anything we could come up with and I really miss that the most with Olivia to have someone to talk to about everything. Sara looked down on the grass and saw that in the centre of the ground it was a flower from Hawaii and that special flower had both Olivia and I had in the hair when we were in Hawaii on a holiday. But how did that flower come here. It is easy my daughter. Mother, why it is easy that just this flower is here now, Sara asked. Because my daughter your power come to life when you think about something special or what your feeling is and just this flower came to life because you missed your friend and you thought about something special, her mother said. But mother was is my power because in school I burned the popular girl that bullied me and after that a use water to cold her down and now this flower that came from nowhere, Sara asked. Your power is the five elements, her mother said. It is only four elements, Sara said. No, you forgot an element, her mother answered. Which element, Sara asked. It is spirit and the other elements is water, earth, fire and air and you have already use water, earth and fire, her mother said. When, Sara asked. You used fire when you burn that popular girl, you used water then you cold her down and you used earth when you made the flower grow, her mother said. Okay mother, Sara said. But my dear daughter with power like this is it more important that you learn how to control them, so that you don’t hurt innocent people. Alright mother, I promise but I must go back to class now, Sara said. Alright dear daughter we will see each other soon, her mother said before she did leave.

Sara hoped that the rest of day should go better, but she doesn’t know how wrong she is. It started exactly when she went to her art class. She took her usually seat and began to paint. But after a while the popular group came again and ruined her picture. Sara asked why did you do that? Because we can and revenge for that you did to us earlier, the answer. But you don’t have the right to destroy my painting, Sara told them. But know we have done it and you can’t do anything against it, they said. Yes, I think I can, Sara said. What can you do Sara, they asked? I can show you what I can do, Sara answer. Yes, do that if you can little girl, they said. Sara began to think about how she wants them to begin flying and after a while she saw that they were flying. How did you do it, they asked? I thought about that you were flying, and I think it listened to me. Let us down, they said. If you want to, Sara said. She began to that they should be a little hurt then they land and exactly like before it become true. What did you do Sara, they asked? You don’t need to know what I did, but if you want to know why and how I did it you should try to be a little nicer and don’t think about yourself. Alright I do it, they said. Thank you and how I did that I did was because I’m adopted and my real mother and father are king and queen in a magical land, they send me away to protect me and now my real mother have contact me and she has told me everything, Sara said. What are your powers, they asked? My powers are the five elements, water, earth, fire, air and spirit, Sara answered. Alright and I hope we can be good friends after all that have happened to you, they asked. Of course, we can all be friends now if you are not mean people anymore, Sara said. Of course, we will not be mean to anymore people, they said. Alright, I guess we can all be friends. 

The story ends and everybody are friends and the mean group or popular group became nicer to everybody and it’s because of one girl who stands up for herself and told they bully no.

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